Sunday, 12 June 2011

Things continue to develop.....

This year's boys and girls continue to work hard - here is a bit more of a preview of the textiles bunnies - a bigger picture will be presented soon, I promise, even I have to admit that it isn't all about the textiles.... well, it is, but don't tell Mark - err, he's too busy praying for a miracle......
Ummm, which way is Mecca?

Amy's shed now has bunting...

The clothes of the murder victim - Emily gives us a bit of horror...

Abi - hmmm, curious!

Becca - will this wretched space ever be finished?!

If all else fails, Charlotte could go into professional sign writing!

But her historical costumes look pretty good!

Courtney - going Japanese!

Maybe London zoo could look at this for new merchandise - Ellie taking a walk on the wild side!

Ellie L, getting ready to serve tea!

Once she has cleared up her mess of course!

Emily's costumes - fit for a bunch of witches!

G - OMG in position at last!

Hanna hasn't just sinned once - but 7 times...

Even the non-textiles students can suffer a melt-down - beautifully demonstrated by Hannah Burton!!

Hannah O continues to go insane - I love these!

Ish, on the campaign trail!

And still in chains!

Her royal Hyndsness - what a load of old rubbish!!

Jenny -seeing red!

Jess doing a spot of last minute gardening, complete with Nancy, her very own garden gnome...

Miriam - ,lost in Austen.

Nicole - these shooze were made for walking!

Pops - royalty is in the building!

Ted, having a last minute panic - whatever gives you that idea?

Late night boys - in the bag is it?

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