Friday, 24 June 2011

Come and get your Bye Bye Birdie goodies!!

Today - Saturday 25th June - in Onslow village, Guildford between 10am and 2pm to be precise - it is 2.00am and I have just packed everything up, ready to go, so it would be rude not to come and buy something wouldn't it? THIS is why I am so tired - what was I thinking teaching full time, marking exams, organising a fashion show AND making things to sell........... v. tired now, going to bed, so see you later?!

Onslow Village Hall, The Square, Wilderness Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7QR



  1. Oh my gosh...look at all of your lovely things! I love it all, you're brilliant! I wish I could get there. It will all fly out of there....see what I did there?!

  2. You, funny lady!! Actually it was RUBBISH! No advertising, so no one came! Ha, could have stayed in bed!! I am thinking about contacting the people who run the one in Winchester - do you know if it;s any good? xx

  3. WOW, Gayle
    I wished I could have been there! I love all things winged, & some of your birdie books look great. Pitty I don't live in the UK. I would have been there for sure.
    Your New Friend :-)
    PS LOve your blog Just found it on another friends blog. Sheila Craig who had a link to another blog Nuvofelt, that led me here :-)

  4. Hi Elizabethanne, really, really, lovely to hear from you, thanks for your very kind comments! It is a small virtual world isn't it! Do you blog too? Fab to have you on board!
    Gayle x