Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I AM ILL AGAIN! But the shows must go on!

I have had so much illness this year it is ridiculous! I have the lurgie again and it won't go away - Ivan (Mr Bicknell) is cross with me because he says it's my own fault for never taking it easy - oh yeah - like I have a choice right now to chill out and play Sudoku all day (like he seems to be doing) - so as a compromise I am having a week off from aerobics - I know by looking at me you wouldn't believe that I usually do at least 4 classes a week, but I honestly do! I am feeling guilty already - but on the upside I have more time to attend to my lovely girls at college...oh, wasn't that the point?!

As well as pretending to be working, but really doing all the Sudoku problems in the Independent, my husband regularly conducts (pointless) small talk on the UK climbing forum, Friday is jokes day and this little gem ha been making him snigger for days now! ...... "My wife told me that she was going to leave me due to my obsession with the Monkees, at first I didn't believe her, but then I saw her face..........." Oh dear God - at least he is easily pleased huh?!

Anyway, here is how things are developing at the Alton gallery space - oh yeah girlies - those who have yet to show their sorry faces had better rock up pronto......

Nancy - feeling the pressure of having to staple gun-up so much muslin...

No, it really was all to much!

But eventually something really rather good began to develop ...

Miriam trying out her space - hmmm - looks a bit flat?

Panic not - Mark & Georgie are always available to chuck up another wall! Just got to paint it now Miriam!

 Blimey Emily - that must have been one hell of a cut!!

The fact that Issie had to ask how to actually use a hammer was worrying enough....the dodgy goggles is a whole other problem.....

So what's in the box?

ohhh - sparkly and exciting things!

The early stages of Amy's shed...

Bright and colourful underway for Lottie.

Ah Hannah - you're never alone! But probably quite beyond help!

Jessica Pooley, are you trying to freak me out?

Issey I - the beginnings of a rather unusual dinner party....

Becca - could she have any more fun?

G - one man's junk is Miss Simm's treasure!

Anyone for a bargain?

Finishing touches for Ish - already? Well being whisked off to the seaside for a bit of R&R by the boyfriend does wonders for one's motivation....

Close up.

And a close up of her helpful man servant - girls, get yourself a Laurie - he's pretty handy at putting up a shelf!


  1. What is it with the lurgi down here?! It's a combination of working with students and working under stress.
    It all looks fab though...I'll take all the chairs and Ish's black dress please!

  2. Ahh thanks Ms Black! You know what though - you're only up the road, why not come and have a butchers? Private view, 6.30pm, Thursday 16th June.....