Thursday, 26 July 2012

Tasty taster day....

Near the end of term we hosted a day where the year 10s came to play - that's 4th year to you and me! And I do mean play - the creative department - we have  anew name but I can't remember what it is - spent the day encouraging the kids to say hello to us - drama drew on Altman, music said it in rhythm, DT surfed and we pressured them into having their photos taken! Somehow I was given the task of organising the overall bun fight, but to be honest those lecturers involved are so on it that all I had to do was rustle up some film makers - again, thanks Gemma! 

In a bid to organise our department and formulate an idea I pressurised our own students into having their photos taken - actually, as you can see it didn't take much! The idea is that they are saying hello - be it in writing, using props or just acting up! Hugo took the pics of Evie, Pip, Rachel, Hannah and Viki - such a shy and retiring bunch.......

And I hounded the first years until they contributed too - so thanks to Jess, Beth, Josie, Sian, Michael and Harry - great pics!

In the end though I thought it might be fun to play with some homemade props - ta Sammi for helping to cut them all out!!! Then we had some fun.....

Our Fabby helpers for the day - Andrew and Laura


Mr Bicknell - thug...



Me and him

Who also spent the time between groups climbing the walls (windows).....

Mark and Georgie also set up a light trail booth - these are what some of the guys on the day did - sadly I can't show any of the great pics that were captured of the year 10s for obvious reasons - but safe to say, they looked brill!!

I am the rubbish "s"!

A fine time (I think) was had by all - lets hope Alton is their college of choice!

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  1. Bless 'em! They're going to have such a great time when they get there...of course they'll chose Alton!
    Lovely pics too.