Sunday, 8 July 2012

New designers

Last weekend I went to the New Designers exhibition in Islington - I try to go every year to see how all the old Altonians are getting on - lots this year! Lovely work as ever, but it is just too much to take in, in just a couple of hours - need days - this year I was distracted by the fact that I was heading up Upper Street and beyond to spend some time with my new nephew - well gorgeous baby and Carluccio's macaroons are hard to get your mind off! It is also frustrating that you get pounced upon whenever you get your camera out - so aside from my girls I just didn't bother - it is so tiresome explaining the blog! But here are a few sneaky ones from the gallery!!

The very red-haired and semi Canadian Anna Burridge - print at Falmouth

The calmness of Sam Brett  - woven textiles at Nottingham Trent

The very clever Leanne Miles - print at Winchester

The GORGEOUS Hannah Cousins - print at Winchester

The madness that is Kirsten Palmer - print at Bucks

The demure Lizzie Bills - print at Bucks

The ever cheery Kate white - knit at Bucks - She and I had a drink with the lovely Sam Towner - nice surprise to see him too!

Louise Dormer is also an ex-student of mine - sadly I missed her at ND so didn't get a pick - even more annoyingly we were both on the same bloody train home and only found out when were getting off! DOH!!! Still we had a chat and here is a pick form her blog to share with you...
Louise did surface at Leeds.

Here are a few others who I liked enough to pick up their details.....

Kathryn Oxley

Alice skipp

Craig Rowley

Joel Wilson
It’s over, a presentation on my work tomorrow and it’s the end. Sad times  (Taken with instagram)

Lauren Beebe
Here we go, final four papers trimed and ready to roll!!

Serena Dawn Quigley

Rebekah Marshall

Holly Valentine

Sara Greenwood

In the one year on part of the show I admired the work of Harriet Pearse

And bought from Amy Logan - just couldn't help myself and nor should you - my necklace has already been hugely admired and I just love it!

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