Thursday, 5 July 2012

Finally, final show spaces and the sketchbooks.....

Ta dah!! Here are this year's show spaces and some snippets from the sketchbooks - where I have managed to get some pics....FAITH! Even though it was me that took your show down for you I completely forgot to photograph it - not because it wasn't good enough (I know that's what you're thinking), it was, it was FAB, I just forgot....
Georgia - gorgeous gown pattern cut and made from scratch, based on the tragic Miss Havisham....

Lizzie - India al fresco...

Rachel C - the alphabet in cushions - didn't catch the sketchbook though... these were great and sold like hot cakes!

Ruth - a walk on the wild side....

Holly - life on Mars

Sally - it's all an illusion

Pip - identity crisis

Ellie - gone, but not forgotten

Abby, super sweet

Maddie - eco warior

Rach - desperate housewife

Vickie - miss Saigon 


Viki - the whole damn shooting match

Lauren - Pretty Polly

Hannah - life behind a mask

Evie - dark and dangerous

Joise - it's a dog's life

Jazzy - all washed up

Flo - behind the keyhole

Faith - marvellous Mexican!

Clever old bunch huh? Nice bunch to end on!

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