Wednesday, 25 July 2012

So you want to see the fashion show? And it's taken me too long to post? Oh alright then!

I know, I know, it's been a month - almost to the day in fact, but I've been busy alright! Busy coming down and getting over the chaos and the drama that is the end of term for us - as usual there will now be a glut of posts coming your way (lucky you!), so I shall start with our amazing fashion show - amazing  in the sense that there weren't many fashion designers this year, but by golly did they make up for it with spectacular choreography and collections, and also amazing as they only had 24 hours to get it all down - pros the lot of them and I am so, so proud of each and every one! This year the photos are courtesy of Niall Taylor - an adult photography student who braved an entire day with us- taking a day off work I might add too - I love the candid getting ready images in particular and think that he has a wonderful eye for a shot - cheers Niall! I would also like to say that without the support of the media boys and girls - Gemma and Joe in particular, the wonderful Nich and James - who always keep me smiling, I would never pull this off every year! So ta very much. X 
Getting all dolled up...

Time to play

Hairspray - it's trickier than it looks!

I was assured that this was only water....

As if she wasn't tall enough already


Yeah Georgia - it's definitely short enough 

Maddie - so it's a straight line I have to walk in yeah?

Sam - unimpressed - Lauren easier to make smile!

Last minute touch-ups

Some tragic old textiles teacher - who really must go on that diet.....

And the show goes on.....

Flo for Faith - day of the dead inspired collection

Jazzy for jazzy - all washed up

Evie - having the time of her life being a desperate housewife for Rachel!

Flo, Sally and faith - it's all an illusion...

sally for Sally

Viki getting dominant for Hannah

Georgia being much more of a princess....

Pip - the boy rocks a frock!

Rachel and Lauren seeing red

Vickie's model (sorry don't know her name) and Georgia - not so mellow in yellow

Ruth - making a mess, but looking gorgeous!

Oh I  am rubbish - I don't know this lovelies name either, but she was modelling for Holly, and err, it was out of this world.....!

see above....

Oh I know this one - this is little sister Hazel

And the young woman herself in those shoes!

Viki getting hairy for Pip

Pip - losing his identity

Ella - surprise star of the show rocking the revealing!

Evie, Ella, Pip, Very tall beautiful girl, Viki - Errr, I hasten to add they are all beautiful......!

Maddie, keeping it all locked up for flo

Flo for Flo - in control!

Sally for Flo - what you looking at?!

Evie's tortured souls!

Rachel perhaps the most tortured - modelling because I made her - but blimey she was good!

Faith for Vickie - all heart

Flo for Vickie - still looking scary!

Sally - Vickie's biggest fan - ha ha ha!

Georgia - jilted

Ah never mind, plenty more fish in the sea!

And all too quickly it was all over - look how contemplative we all look!!!

Alton College fashion show 2012

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