Monday, 9 July 2012

A climbing lesson....

The day after New Designers we had a very special day. This is a first for me, a day in Swanage watching Ivan (Mr Bicknell) climb. Something I normally avoid like the plague for fear of me being coerced up something steep! But this day was about Ivan teaching one of my best friends daughters to climb, Lynda is Mum and Jess is daughter. I even belayed, under duress I might add, especially as I had to squeeze myself into a climbing harness designed for a lady much, much, smaller than myself - by the time I had been dragged in and out of it 5 or so times my hips were on fire! Apart from the odd wobble, Jess had a ball and it was very heart warming watching Ivan (Mr Bicknell) being so generous with his time and expertise - God help our little one when they arrive! Lynda and I enjoyed two rare things, some sunshine (yes really - we even got burnt) and some quality gossip time along with an amazing picnic packed by Lynda and maybe even a glass of something pink and alcoholic - only a tiny one though you understand! It even crossed my mind that actually there might be something in this climbing lark - but I think that was the wine!!!

Heading to the cliff

Something about a re-threaded figure of 8....

And off she goes...

...damn quickly to the top!

Ivan (Mr Bicknell) not showing off at all.

I couldn't resist these pics - where we were there is a natural pool on what is called dancing ledge - these boys were getting ready to go coastering - something I will NEVER do!

Scary exposure if you ask me, but Jess took it all in her stride!

Post climbing swim on dancing ledge!

sea cave

On the way home we passed Corfe Castle - had to stop to take a snap - I went a couple of years ago with a friend when we were helping out on DofE and happened upon a re-enactment event - very cool and made you really wonder about what it must have been like in its hey day.

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