Wednesday, 25 July 2012

It's not all about BTEC and Foundation....

Even though I choose to teach on the more vocational courses, I admire those who teach on the A level courses - it is both my strength and my Achilles heel that I prefer to spend my time with the full-time students, I find it  hard only teaching someone for 2 or 3 hours a week, maybe for fear of not progressing them enough, of course, this isn't at all the case, and I would sometimes be well advised to step back a bit. Deborah and Liz do wonders with the textile girlies and Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and Drew nurture some damn fine painters - I love to paint and draw myself, to have the luxury of time to sit and draw for hours on end is something I would grasp with both hands - I love the feeling of accomplishment you get from developing your own imagery - it is often hard to get my lot to do this - they are more often than not more interested in getting on with the designing of patterns and I suppose the appropriation of "found" imagery and getting to grips with the technicalities attached to the processes they need to use - and this will often go against them, but when they are constantly exposed to designers and makers who make great livings doing just this, it is tricky to get them back to basics. A shame, as this is the backbone to good design - maybe these images will encourage future years to get their drawing on!













Miriam - this beauty now lives in our kitchen - amazing isn't it?!

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  1. What fabulous work! Stunning. I totally agree with you . I'm lucky enough to work with children who love making art more than anything and I insist on them learning the basics. I know with textile design it isn't always appropriate..there isn't the time and in my experience, some teachers don't have those skills to pass on.
    If I could paint and draw and write all day, I'd be a happy girl!! I think I need to win the lottery. Enjoy the sunshine.