Friday, 6 July 2012

Goodbye and so long baby birds.....

So that's it for another year, they have all signed out and shipped out - here is how some of them felt about it - hmmmmmm, some were more convincing than others!! Good luck in the big bad world you lot. XXX

Josie - cutting the power

Hannah - these shoes were made for walking (or dancing?)

Sam - signing out

Vickie's acquisitions 

Lizzie - get a hair cut!

Rachel - not sad at all - she's been back printing all her commissions anyway!

Pip - sprung

Maddie - no more fight

Abbie - buried under a pile of sweets

Ellie - oh, she's forgotten!

Hannah - happy to go it would seem!

Viki - Blimey, thought I'd never get rid of this one.....

Lauren - sad but returning, so we will smile again!

Evie - spends the whole year looking as miserable as sin, when she is supposed to look sad she smiles - go figure..... Ha, I can hear her saying "Oh God Gayle" already!

Flo - awwww

Vickie - oh come on now, you can do better than that - all she's thinking of is all the goodies that she bought from everyone!

Georgia - not even pretending, see ya!

Holly - boo!

Jazzy - can feel a headache coming on.....

Yep - here it is - HOLLY!

So sad - the private view and fashion show were a blast and despite my fears they pulled it off big styly - pics to come soon - thanks to Nich, James, Chris, Stewart, Hugo, Argiel, Niall and the lovely, lovely G, I couldn't have done it without you! Cheers.XXXX

Thank you too for my lovely presents - a very spoiled textiles teacher indeed!

Handmade goodies from Ellie, Rach and Viki, and gorgeous birdie jewellery and Hussein Chalayan perfume - lucky me! There was a jar of sweeties from Abbie too, but Ivan (Mr Bicknell) ate them all! XX

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  1. Awww..away they go! I bet that felt like it went by in a flash! Here's to a summer break...with some summer maybe....and a nice rest before it starts all over