Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Brrrrrrr, now why would anyone take 50 students to London on a day like this?????

Who knows? But I'm afraid that, that was what Ivan (Mr Bicknell), Annie, Brooke and myself had pencilled in for today! Remind me not to do it again - the snow was too, too, much, especially when you have to risk your life willing your (fabulous) car up a super steep, super slippery hill at stupid O'Clock in the morning, because someone (Mr Bicknell)told you with some authority (generally the case)that it was very unlikely that it would snow during the night, and that we need not move our cars to the top to avoid said life threatening manoeuvres.....!

However, being made of tough stuff and fuelled by the knowledge that I had all the tickets for the day in my bag, I made it! It was quite nice to actually be somewhere early too - very, very, rare in my case - as we got to have breakfast at the station cafe!

The day was cold, but productive, and I have to hand it to the first years, aside from a couple of wimps and a couple left victim of a rubbish bus service, they all rocked up! So off to the Barbican for the 30 years of Japanese Fashion exhibition we went, followed by a quick strut over to the design Museum for the Drawing Fashion and the John Pawson shows. I LOVED the Japanese stuff - you HAVE to go - being so close to Junya Watanabe and Rei kawakubu creations was breathtaking - pure genius stuff and I defy anyone NOT to be blown away! Enjoyed the gift hops too - well I am a woman after all!!!

Be amazed, be very amazed - 30 years of Japanese Fashion at the Barbican

Camilla and Jess - cold but cheery!

Hannah - this picture will certainly be prettier than hers!

Ivan (Mr Bicknell) - the ultimate snow-bunny - me, not so happy about the cold wet stuff!

A bit of fabulous fashion illustration at the Design museum - less is always more....

John Pawson architecture - look and learn kids, look and learn - this is how you work in cardboard!
Now you see them..

Now you don't - know what I prefer........!

And a fine day was had by all!

But the snow keeps on coming - our deck at midnight!
Really should have brought that geranium inside - ooops.

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  1. love IT!! i m plannin to go to somerset house to see matthew williamson aswelll cannot wait xx