Thursday, 11 November 2010

Fun and games!

I am not really a grown up and fortunately nor are some of my friends! I might have mentioned that I get a bit over-excited at Christmas and every year my friend Lynda and I get together and go shopping - well, we mainly go to gossip, fill up with meatballs at Ikea and have a bit of snoop around buying things we probably don't need at the aforementioned - what is it with this shop?! Ivan (Mr Bicknell) in the ten years we have been together has only been convinced to go in once - but then he's a boy! Girls - for cheap fabrics for Christmas making projects - mine this year is hotwater bottle covers, and excellent wrap - mirrored Angel tree decs and sparkly silver bags, you cannot go wrong! And then, well, you always have to play with the toys.....

And then, well, there was this very bare tree in Marks and Sparks, and this big basket of sparkly Polar bears near by, and well, it would have been rude not to put the two together.........!

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