Sunday, 28 November 2010

The mysterious Miss Arati.....

Arati was a student with us last year, she is phenomenally talented and one of the sweetest yet shadiest characters I have taught - originally from Nepal, she has had to cope with a great deal in her bid to adjust to life in Blighty and it has to be said that it has been something of a bumpy ride. However this girl is made of tough stuff - she is resourceful, clever and ambitious - keep your eyes peeled she'll go a long way......

"Having started at the Winchester school of art only last week, I think I will begin the world of blogging by posting work form induction week. Brief : create a paper dress in your groups using only paper, however you may use staples, tape and pins to hold the garment together.
Working in a group makes me 'iffy' as its hard to get every body's idea into one garment that would essentially satisfy all. However working with people you haven't even exchanged a word with takes it to another level. Found it as a good ice breaker as I could figure who was good and who I could label as "competition" and "potential enemy". Anyway here is what our group created in the space of two working days in the studio. We worked with the idea of nature in mind. Whilst playing and experimenting with the texture and feel of the paper, we decided to make snowflakes. We developed the small snowflakes and worked at a larger scale to create the garment. Great messy fun I must say not to mention it made me feel 8yrs old again!!"

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