Sunday, 5 December 2010

Oh goodness, it was touch and go......

I HATE the snow when it interferes with my life, it's O.K. when you are off for the holidays, have stocked up the fridge and the freezer and the irresponsible gas company have delivered your order so that you can actually umm, you know, cook and heat your house - but oh no, it has to come at the most inconvenient time doesn't it! And not being able to get to work? well, you may think it mad, but it drives me mad, I am a real control freak (I know, you had no idea!), and not being able to be on hand to help (code for being bossy)) as my students are composing their folios is hideous! But, the wonders of modern technology have done us proud and I have been able to communicate with my lot on a daily, if not hourly basis, although the desperate nature of their emails has been hard to bear, but hopefully life will return to normal tomorrow........

Remote access portfolio tutorials for Tedi! Err, swap the image on the top left with the second one in on the right, on the bottom row, then take the middle one on the bottom row and swap it with middle one on the second row down and then.......Nightmare!  

This weekend was also the Selborne Christmas Fayre.

Honestly, given the state of the weather and the fact that Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I live right at the bottom of a really hideous hill - tricky at the best of times without the added complication of a ton of snow, I was doubtful that I would be able to run my stall - typical - all that hard work for nothing, but at least, looking on the bright side, it would take care of a few Christmas presents instead I thought! However, I have AMAZING neighbours who all helped to trudge my goodies up the hill to their cars (I am going to have to drop the ethics and get a 4x4 next!), the local farmer, Will, also lent a hand with his tractor and on Friday night off we all went. I could KICK myself for leaving my camera at home because the village was breath takingly beautiful - the snow provided that chocolate box look and the whole village was swathed in fairly lights and steeped in the spicy smell of freshly warmed mulled wine - it truly was magical. Far too much homemade lemon drizzle cake and hearty soup later I am home safe and sound and incredibly, quite a few products lighter. So, same time next year!

 Hmmm, I suppose that snow can be quite pretty..,..

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