Thursday, 30 December 2010

Here comes the snow....Again!

So, it snowed again - but it was the sheep I felt bad for this time, I really don't think that they could look any more miserable! Especially as whilst I was indoors decorating our tree and wrapping presents. However, they were not the only ones outside in the cold, Ivan (Mr Bicknell) decided to head off for the hills the moment college closed it's doors and sped off to the Lakes - Why? Because he is certifiable, that, my friends is why! Stuck for the night in Rochdale must have been a real high, but I understand that a fine time was had by all, apparently the coldest part of the trip was walking down our hill at 1.00am when he got home - minus 14 apparently!
Doesn't look much fun.

Errr, nor does this really.....

But this was!

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