Thursday, 30 December 2010

A very urban Christmas

Now this was a first for us - Christmas in the city, Annie, Ivan's (Mr Bicknell's) sister took it upon herself to "do" Christmas this year, and well, who were we to argue? As sad as I was about leaving our little haven in the country for three days, I was secretly pleased about not having to be in charge of clearing up all the mess afterwards, also very nice not having to worry about cooking too - although the two of us aren't too shabby on that front. So we packed the car - no mean feat as a) our car was still at the top of the hill and b) we had to fit all our presents and food contributions in along with Ivan's lovely Mum and what appeared to be enough booze and food to last for a good week... What would we do without our neighbours? Next door lugged everything up for us in their car which was a life saver and for some bizarre reason the roads to the big smoke were clear, so the festivities began....

Spoilt children...

I told you......

Dinner in Islington at the magnificent Isarn - if you find yourself on upper street - pop in! Strawberry Bellini's to die for and the grub's pretty good too!

A rare thing indeed - cheery boys at Christmas - the lovely Rainer and the even lovlier Ivan (Mr Bicknell).

A stroll on Hampstead Heath - one thing Worldham can't offer!

Huge kite!

A well balanced camera!

Annie concentrating on creating delicious delights.

A Vegetarian Christmas - who needs a turkey?!

Primrose hill on Boxing day - Gorgeous!

Messing about in Regents Park - don't tell Tim Harvey!

Snow Geese!
 Now where did that Partridge go?
What yer doing?

Nice to see that even the inhabitants of Primrose Hill suffer from a lack of taste!

A Christmas miracle - my first real Banksy sightings!

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