Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Catching up after the snow......

The snow was basically a pain in the rear end, and the last couple of weeks of term turned out to be a bit of a nightmare for me, the construction of 29 folios to oversee is no mean feat when you have the right amount of time, but when you don't, it is seriously hard work I can tell you. As ever though, on the whole, the girls were amazing and worked their little socks off, there were of course, a few hairy moments and I might have thrown my toys out of the pram here and there, but we did it and got the work done - even if a number of us did have to stay until after 8.00pm a few times.... I actually do feel for once that I have well and truly earned my Christmas holiday! Here are some of the best bits!
Amy and Hannah deciding where to start with the great folio construction....... Still looking relatively happy though!
Jenny doing a fine job with PhotoShop - well desperate times call for desperate measures....!!
Ish - getting things just right!
Jess - last minute adjustments - though how anyone can do anything in that mess I will never know!
Lottie - as cheery and composed as ever!

And Ted - checking out how many successful pages so far!
Taking photos.

We didn't actually see the floor for days - Jane our lovely cleaner was very tolerant...

And here are some of the fabulous outcomes so far - now come on, what uni wouldn't offer places based on this little lot?!

Why do I put myself through this year, upon year? Because I love it!

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