Monday, 12 June 2017

All the way up to Christmas 2016

So naturally this was something of a while ago now and a lot has happened since these photos were taken but I will do my best to remember! In actual fact much of this part of 2016 was taken up with the American election, proving once and for all that absolutely anything can happen! Donald trump - what a total and utter disaster - much of what I shared on social media was amusing material, but for me and my particular bubble, utterly terrifying to have this man in such a position of power - spoiler alert it has steadily got worse and worse....... And just to make you feel bad - this is what we lost......

And this is what we got.....

So building up to the end of term - lots of activity student work wise, the beginnings of the Christmas fairs for me and the build up to my favourite time of year........

Mannequins standing to attention ready for a fashion workshop

Molly and Emma mastering the (now defunct) heat press...

Fabulous Foundation screen prints

first year Josh getting to grips with fashion illustration - tape is as good (if not better) than a pen!

More lovely prints

It was pretty great actually!!!

So the (ridiculous) advent calendar got expensively hoisted up.....

Everyone has a friend like this - mine's called Derek!

First year Beth's creative use of the plastic cup....

Hannah tackles the rubber band

Rhiannon pegging it!

Folio making

A level textiles embroidery club!!

Sometimes the scraps are as good as the final design!

Christmas cards underway!


Tree purchased - it's beginning to feel a bit like.....

Early family celebrations

Crisp cold walks

The ONLY way to divert from the main (MY) tree - give him one of his own!!

My little nativity Christmas star 😊😊

He came, he lasted a term and he left, see ya Paul Bowman!

The end of term and off to Glasto for a spot of star(ling) gazing....

And then off to Longleat to see the lights - wonderful!


Noah's favourite the "woof"!!

The treats keep coming - really must be Christmas!

Shopping for lovey things.

Bring on the holidays! XXX ❤

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