Monday, 12 June 2017

Christmas and the holidays

Christmas came and went in a mass of paper, ribbons, alcohol, illness (Mr B and me - again), gatherings, games and lovely things.

In anticipation of his arrival - a little bit of bribery!

Or maybe he's a she......!!

A warm, if not wonky welcome!

MY tree! 

There was a visit - hooray!!

You either love him or hate him! We ❤ him!!


Oh the concentration...

My spoils

My coffee consumption increases!!

Homemade T shirts for the boys!

The most ridiculous no need for a coat December trip to Dorset with my little brother - notice how no one else wanted to follow him up the hill!

Happy holidays!

Even happier holidays - the amazing Square and compass!

Cousins at Alice Holt

Cosy Christmas house 

We said goodbye to Carrie Fisher on the 27th December - a genuine loss.

New year in London - on the buses

the Rauschenberg at Tate Modern - so glad we saw it - my hero and this one's not too bad either!!

Tate 2

Back to the ranch at Clapton

Pizza pzazz! 

You have to get a bit silly right??!

So what will 2017 bring us??

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