Monday, 12 June 2017

Not the best start to the Easter holidays.....

The Easter holidays were pretty great - tons of family and friend time - lovely weather and happy smiley people, although it didn't start that well with a surprise and ferocious case of the Chicken Pox - not brilliant when you child is allergic to paracetamol - remember parents - IT IS VERY DANGEROUS TO GIVE A CHILD WITH CHICKEN POX IBUPROFEN.....

So far so good, when the spots arrived he was pretty cheery - but it quickly went down hill from there - 3 horrific sleepless and pain filled nights 😓

Craft activities helped to distract - but the clear winner was the oaty baths!

Spring lambs at Mannor farm

Back to the wonderful Glasto

Hauser and worth in Bruton

Love a bit of Elizabeth Frink -fantastic!

flying Gnomes

At the chapel for afternoon tea - scary vege head!

To keep the Noah and the Maxi occupied - the monster version of heads bodies and legs

The end of another lovely day....

Pom pom making - as fluffy as my fluffy headed little speckled boy!

The grand Thedden Easter Egg Hunt

Nina Permanently marking the occasion with clay hand prints!

Nice pair of baskets you'e got there Gill!

Final clue

Oscar being optimistic!

Comparing the loot!

Sneaky finds

Lunch table decoration ready for the feast!

Post feast stroll through the bluebell woods

A trip to Gilbert whites to hunt for bunnies - the intelligent way!!

Adventures in the woods....

LEGO at Milestones - Ivan not a fan of Bear Grills!!

A couple of days off for me at last and a trip to London for a private View and a long awaited visit to the newly located Design museum.

Last little bit of being 4.....

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