Monday, 12 June 2017

The annual Art Trip - surprisingly warm and only mildly chilly......

The annual art trip this year was a total winner! 3 wonderful days in Iceland and 3 more in NYC - we had the best time - but oh my goodness am I feeling the drop i our £ - well done Brexiteers - NOT.

First stop - The Blue Lagoon! Awesome.

Dark mornings in Iceland

But cheery hat wearing people!

Moody landscape and intense photography!

Happy cheery gurls

Tons of icy waterfalls!

Delicate Japanese tourists!

Still loving by fluffy bobble hat!

It rained ALOT!

Whipping past on the bus

Wasn't going to lose him in that coat!

Black sands beach

LOVE this!


Lunch in the bus!!
I am wearing MANY layers - so don't be rude!

Didn't manage to get close enough to this 😢

Beautiful landscape

None of this came home with us as it was too darn expensive!

There she blows - awright geezer?!

NYC bound!


AND THIS!!! Robbery!!

Well hellooo NYC! ❤

The NY clothes come out - Meg and Ella say goodbye to their Icelandic waterproofs!

Central Park


Teacher badges!

Taking part!

24 carat gold and you were encouraged to use it, so we did!!

Quidditch! Only in America!!

Mine wasn't.....

The highline - a first for us - even after all this time and given that, as another first, it was warm and sunny (unheard of for us), it was a most enjoyable experience!!

The odd gallery diversion along the route!

Empire State - long and laboriuos

But this little evening excursion was so much more up our street!

Morning rush

Presidents day - kind of think these Japanese guys had been paid to show support!


Samual - just like the real thing!

Ahhhhh MOMA!

A Mexican, of all people, a MEXICAN!

Queens for MOMA PS1 to see the Mark Leckey (our good friend no less!)

Not Leckey, but such a great installation!

Grand Central Market

Empire State

Night time Ping Pong!

No, he isn't

Ellen's Stardust for breakfast - always a favourite!

Yep, he sang just for me, no really......

It's all about the love!

The Photographers gallery SOHO thought provoking show!

See ya!

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