Monday, 12 June 2017

A month of Birthdays, treats and visits..

March was a bit of a mental month for us - full of birthdays and treats and trips - I suppose one of my biggest career based challenges took place this month - the arrival of 23 Danes all staying in homestays and making art and music together with our students - It was a stressful experience not much helped by the reels and reels of red tape which had to be addressed, but quite above the odds I pulled it off! Needless to say that my fellow art and music lovers were without doubt the most helpful and positive support I could have ever imagined or hoped for! It was also a bit of an eye opener in terms of the priorities others countries focus upon!! The real stars however were all the families who unflinchingly jumped aboard this crazy journey of mine! Beyond all the hassle it fully confirmed to me that with the right vision and enthusiasm you can do almost anything! ❤❤❤

Whilst we were travelling the world, Noah was doing the rounds of his Grandparents - Glasto being his final destination and where we finally re captured him - over indulged wasn't the word!!

Pancake day mess

World book day - the textile teacher who shopped at Sainsbury's!!

He didn't mind - so long as it was warm and snuggly!

I had a birthday

Which turned into Noah day! Just as well that I am also partial to a Wagamama's and the odd kids movie!

Home baking to share with the staff room - even if they did forget it was my birthday!!

How many students does it take to measure a piece of fabric - well that all depends on which ones!!

Roald Dahl photoshoot play!

Mr  Bicknell had a birthday!

Project Dane - all you need is enthusiasm and some blinking great big blocks of polystyrene! 

Ear ear!!

Personalised thank yous for all - it was the least I could do!

Ophelia came to visit.

It was Mothers day!

An Impromptu trip to Dorset, not a raging success - see next post for the reason behind this......

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