Thursday, 24 November 2016

Up to date taa daaa!

Wooo hooooo!!! I'm there, I did it, I caught up! I am not going to give up on this little blog of mine, but blimey it is hard work staying on top of this alongside life as well, but Noah Bicknell in many years to come I really hope you get a lot from this and appreciate the record of our lives that I have painstakingly made!

It starts with Lego this time - Noah, Mr Bicknell and I have become experts in the matter, it is slightly addictive! I never thought I would love making this so much!

The new notebooks were constructed...

Halloween reared its ugly head! Noah showed some interest in cutting our pumpkin for all of about 10 minutes!! But he put on a good believable show!

The finished article!

The cottages partied on! Harry got totally wrapped up in things

It was all pretty scary!

College had a few unusual students the next day too!

The fine artists completed their wasp projects...




Spinning tops time again - Ruby's lovely print

Crazy bin lid spin paintings

The Dragons came out to play.....

Winner number 1 - Abi With Funk

Winner number 2 - Beth with Revolve

A school night trip out to the Brixton Accademy to see Christine and the Queens.


Bonfire night - Roger the resident fire starter!

Alfresco dining....

Sparkles all round....

And of course there had to be marshmallows!

The hotties came about....

Beautifully digitally printed fabric hot off the press for local lavender, lavender bags.

Final notebooks 

Open evening - the foundation room for your perusal for a change! 

Are you going to be?????

Foundation fashion project.

Chris's AMAZING hand made spinning top.

Mr Bicknell's life drawing class - very good own effort! Good to see he's good for something other than climbing!!

A rare Sunday morning where tea drinking and magazine reading actually took place....

The Weekend got even better with a lovely surprise from Mr Bicknell - and I can't even find anything that is broken......!

We should all do this from time to time and if only all places of work had an ethos like Innocent do.

Noah's homework (yes, my 4 year old gets homework) - pattern making


Craft market time! Who doesn't love a flouro pompom?!

Lego ice lolly?

Productive studio time!

And err, not so productive studio time.

The beginnings of the second year espionage project - how much fun do we have?!

The college certainly knows how to sugar up it's students!

Reem Alasadi came back and the students loved it! Re-love, Re-cycle, Re-work!

An interesting find by Mr Bicknell.....

Happy new boots!

A lost photo from the summer - just to prove I do exist!

Party season for 4 year olds - for once he didn't just go for the cake!

Beautiful surprise flowers from a lovely ex-student!

Experiments galore

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