Saturday, 19 November 2016

New academic year for EVERYONE!

Getting there, catching up - into September and it's only November!! So new term for all - our baby is a proper grown-up school boy - well if you consider someone who says the words fart, bum and pooh a million times a day grown-up!! First of all Miss Spreadborough had to visit - you may know that we live in a rather strange place so the boys decided to help her out in terms of finding us!!

School  boys need a good haircut - well as good as I am capable of! Hmmm, bit of a bohemian summer me thinks!

Lat minute gathering and baking!

Thank you Nigel Slater for your Blackberry Friands recipe! Find it here....

Ta da! Obligatory first day at school shot! Without official school jumper - I forgot to get one!

And with one!

I was busy making the studios beautiful at work - never again this year will they look like this!

It was all too much for Mark though who was still dreaming of his sprauncy new deck - all good things Mark, all good things!

You would think that I do my making over the holidays wouldn't you? But no, my studio was too hot and I was enjoying my time with the boys far too much! So, here we go again!!

Did I mention that I smartened up the dining room over the summer hols? No? Well here we are - Farrow and Ball Railings sparkly new paint job on the floor anyone?!

New term, new group of CTEC's (OMG there are HUNDREDS of them) and new projects! Here is my name just so they know!






I went to Eton College to sell my wares! IT was sunny and lovely and lucrative!

Don't you love a facebook "thing" Hmmm- not sure about this one!

We went foraging!

Photo opportunity - love a laser cut letter (or two, or three, or four......)

Back to the print table - wash bags in the making!

Getting ready for cosy weekend evening and all the best rubbish autumn telly!

So, we have lived in Worldham for nearly 15 years and had no idea that there was a walnut tree at the top of the lane - well, we do now!! Yummy!

Hot water bottle bound!

Finished was bags!

Somehow I got roped into lunchtime college promotion sessions - I am all badged out!

But there is always some fun and games!

Lovely Lily went shoe shopping for me! I love them! Shame I have got my rubbish jeans on!

Back to baths!

Back to markets!

Back to the blinking wall!

The science center in Winchester with Max and co - haven't been? Oh you should! So. Much. Fun!

Spoiled over 1/2 term - Noah's favourite foodie place - Wagamamas!

LOVE IT when it's not my turn to take him to the loo! Ah, a peaceful green tea!

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