Saturday, 19 November 2016

The Summer

So even though it is starting to get super cold out there now and Christmas is just around the corner, here is what was our summer.....! It started as it inevitably went on - with a bit of climbing - I was forced to watch my boys' bottoms disappearing out of sight for most of the holiday in fact! School was finally out for summer and even though we no longer felt like climbing the walls MR Bicknell till could't resist!

I however was in with a small group of lovelies making a little bit of  a film, here's how things went - more on the film to follow!

Any ideas what we could be spelling out?

Jenna - super great film maker and organiser!

That's us! 

And so, the holidays began with a family trip to Durdle Door.

Nice to paddle.

And great to swim!

Sadly this isn't ours!

The fun continued with a visit to J Miller's circus - surprisingly - call me a cynic - it was well worth the money! I have to say that this super duper whizzy thingy has been incredibly good value and is still, at the time of writing, going really strong!

And Noah got to be an honorary power ranger too!

Meanwhile in La Belle France - Grandpa Renchi was affecting his acting debut in a film about his great, great uncle the botanist Clarence Bicknell  - "The Marvels of Clarence Bicknell" - doesn't he look dapper on his tree?!

See it here!

Summer fete time for me - this one was jolly in Bentley!

Starting School FOR REAL in September, Noah had been given some homework - to decorate and fill his "chatterbox" with things to err, well, chat about! Here is the beginning of our (ahem, his) task!

This, in true Blue Peter style, is how it turned out.....

Yeah, he has a lot to talk about!

The cottages were bursting at the seams with children - here they all are (yes, I AM including Mark in the umbrella term children!), having a splash in Roger's pond (who doesn't look too sure about the situation!) - straight after I took this shot I slipped in - lucky that didn't get shot!!

It was sunny - who knew? So we took advantage of it and made sun prints.

We live in a beautiful place so there was lots of walking!

And, well it would have been rude not to go to the beach! Much fun was had!

More walking

Hanging out with friends

And so the climbing began - the bug has bitten! How ridiculously happy does he look?!

We found strange indoor fairground rides in Wales!

Their only pride of lions

A rather aloof camel

The cutest little cat thingy

A shy little penguin 

Mr Bicknell made quite a splash!

While we sat amongst the flora!

The beautiful Gower

Full of hidey holes

And crazy clingons!

He was never going to last!

Rock pool worship!

More blinking rocks

crazy carved bird in the middle of nowhere!

Outings for Pizza - guess who was happiest about wearing the hat!

Treasures from the beach.

Serious marble run building!

Bike riding

Gate climbing


Mega bouncing - eventually!

Getting a helping hand!

Showing off!

Camping with the Fam and kite flying -and the sun shone - BLISS! 

Grandpa Renchi - chief fire starter!

Cutey pie pups!

Strange beach finds!

Back to Durdle door!

Ice cream wearing!

Lovely grandparents

Getting told off for trying on the merchandise!

Getting brave!

This is where we camped - it's awesome!

And then a day to ourselves! Walking and enjoying our 10th Wedding anniversary!

Lost? Us? No!

Amazing hotel, amazing food!

Super sweet surprise!

And who knew that Thomas Hardy's house was within a stones throw! What's not to love about a National Trust trip?!

My Godson turned 30!

Well we went all camp WoWo with the crazy kids!

We forgot our towels! Hooray for the Waitrose nearby!

A future musician in the making?

Past his bedtime anyway!

The rare time it ddn't chick it down - almost looks civilised!

But nobody cared about the weather - because the performance tent was cheery and cosy!

And the music was surprisingly good!

Marshmallows also taste great in the rain!

Back to Thedden and typically wen you have a proper roof - it gets PROPERLY hot!

Just as well as someone wouldn't get out of his PJ's!

Well, until the hosepipe came out!!

Greenhouse is coming along nicely!

Naked tractor driving was the order of this particular day!

And you may as well have a bounce on the trampoline!

Whilst they taste great in the rain, a sunny camp Thedden proved that they taste just as good dry!

So who did we burn this year?

Who do you think? Didn't help though!

Then all of a sudden blackberry season was upon us!

We lit some of our last neighbourly fires

And the kids enjoyed the last of the late bedtimes.

Big school boys get grown-u bedrooms - note to self - don't get cocky over flat pack furniture! It is really hard to put a wardrobe together all by yourself even if it is pint-sized!

Well who would have thought that Phil Spencer would have been in our local Aldi? Well he was!!

Birthday Dinner at Poacher in South Warnborough - very nice! Happy 21st Heather!

A trip to the New Forest with Oma, Annie and Max - and what do you do when you are in the New Forest?!

In love!

This is where we stayed - absolute BLISS! Thank you Oma!

We made the most of it - mostly in the rain!

baby Alice - new wider family edition got Christened by the maddest, grooviest vicar ever!

She wasn't so impressed!

And that was our summer!

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