Thursday, 29 September 2016

The very end of term......

We staggered to the end of term! It was a long year! The end of this term saw dental appointments, long overdue but squeezed in at last, open evenings, welcome days, school visits, a trip to London and a pretty great A level show - in fact did you know that this year 67% of our AS students got a grade A? Did I mention that before? Of course it has all started up again now and the summer is a distant memory, but that round up is coming soon and we really did have a fab time! Meanwhile goodbye academic year 15-16!

Noah being brave and having his log overdue check-up with our lovely dentist Bertie.

Apparently the protective specs weren't cool enough so we had to go orange.

A private view at a local secondary school was a very worthwhile event with some brilliant work - but these frames made by the year 7s really caught my eye - how cool would it be if every single student at our college made one each to adorn the hallways which are currently adorned with a great deal of less inspiring material!

My lovely flowers from this years textiley girls continued to bloom and bloom!

I don't even know why I took this pic, but I kind of like it!

I had a stall at Fosstival - super cute local festival!

The AS gurls prepared for open evening with this great joint effort - Gina and Jenny were total stars in making it happen! Cheers lovelies!

I too got ready to encourage and entice the masses!

As did Mark and Paul!

Urrgggg 200 hand spray painted paper bags later......

I was as high as a kite.......!

Weekend fun at Alice Holt puts life into perspective though!

Well until it was time to go home!!

Then back the bags because of course, they needed filling!

Ta daaa!

My lovely assistants Levi and Vicki

Bex came to London - there was good food, silliness, a bit of culture and lots of naughty shopping!

A quick hello at Tate Modern and what did we find? Only a whole load of Alton College students adorning the walls!

Welcome fest saw our new intake pop in and say hullo!
There were icebreakers and some cumulative art.

The ice-creams were great too!

And an Alumni provided the sounds!

There was even giant connect 4

And is always good to see those more serious issues being brought to everyone's attentions.

The best of this year's a level....
Billie Price

Jasmine Anwar

Katie Adderson

Alethea Norman-Rhodes

Aduma Massari

Laurie Cope

Grace Conway

Vicki Hill

Fran Sene

Final group print.

We hosted the end of year BBQ which sadly doubled up this year as Paul's leaving do....

Half price Waitrose BBQs proved to be little dynamos.....eventually.....!

You can't go wrong with a unicorn and a rainbow!

Those longer summer evenings were great for blowing bubbles!

Noah went to Theo's  birthday party and bumped into Mr Giant!

Added bonus - a GASTON cake - for those who aren't familiar with kids TV  - check out  Ben and Holly

You can;t go wrong with a pass the parcel!

And oh wow -  FACE PAINTING TOO????!

So let the summer adventures begin for my little tiger!

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