Thursday, 31 May 2012

A very long day....

Today was a long one, beginning with having to do a show and tell to the rest of the teaching staff about blogging - fortunately I know a little (!) about this so it wasn't too terrible, but going first was rubbish and listening to subsequent presentations from my colleagues made me realise how much I didn't/forgot to say - ah well!

This afternoon and way into the evening (I got home at ten to ten this evening) saw Mark and I doing our annual allocation of spaces - a labour intensive process which takes FOREVER! I am quite pleased with what my lot have got this year, but there will always be someone who feels sad about what they are given! If you are reading this guys, be positive and trust that I will have a plan!

So who's got what? Well they will all know tomorrow........

And just in case you thought for one minute that we didn't take this task very seriously, Mark even put on his sensible glasses......!

And Chris and Roy were very patient with us!

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