Wednesday, 23 May 2012


The tension is building at college now - it always makes me smile when we get to the very end of FMP and all of a sudden everyone is printing/sewing/drawing like their lives depend on it! It will be interesting to see who cracks first when they realise that they still have photo shoots to organise and a whole space to fill! Oh yeah, and a 3000 word essay and fashion show rehearsals  to contend with.....! But having said this - things aren't looking too shabby in the fashion and textiles camp - in fact, it's looking alright, but I am saying that very quietly, so as not to temp fate!

I have been relatively productive too - although I am in mourning as something dreadful has happened to my sewing machine - I was busy sewing away, making something to help one of my girls sort a construction problem out and it just went SNAP - very loudly...... Oh God please let it be O.K.! Or how else am I going to make lovely things for our babies room? Oh yeah, that's right - AT LAST Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and me have passed panel and will now be allowed to adopt - HOORAY!!! My Gorgeous colleague Paul left these on my desk as a congratulations - such a nice gesture and very much appreciated - thank you lovely man! After 5 days of hideous waiting the charity rang us late on Monday night - I am still in shock - so much so that I haven't even spoken to me closest friends about it, who will now know from either this or FB, which means I am a rubbish friend - but I hope they will forgive me...... My brother found out on FB and he is not a happy bunny, I don't think I will ever hear the end of it....

In a bid to take my mind off things last weekend I made a ready made veggie patch - I know that this is a terrible cheat, but even though these are all plants as opposed to seeds - I do still have to keep them alive and get them to grow vegetables - so there is a great deal of commitment there you know - mostly with watering  them as now we have all this amazing weather!! 


Half way

So until the badgers find them we have runner beans, broad beans, peas, parsnips, carrots, pak choi, beetroot, butternut squash, courgettes, radish, lettuce, cabbages and caulis (from Lynda) and artichokes.

I also finally got round to baking the rhubarb too, not bad with a dollop of clotted cream! 

My Mum had a birthday, I don't know what to get her still, but I did make her some bunting and I am hoping it arrived in one piece!

Pip and Rachel helped me photograph it - but it wasn't a very straight forward task!

I also wore my new boots - Bex, this is just for you! XXX

And whilst you look at this silly picture - here is another - note to self, never leave your copy card lying around!!! I am still not sure why I am being paid back -  would never call Ruth a fish face.....

Sam is busy recording the whole FMP thing and yesterday it was Pip's turn to be in the spotlight - I love the T shirts that she is printing and she is mid way through a rather impressive film and promo magazine too.

Everyone had to submit a plan of action for their exhibition spaces today - here are Sally and Lizzies - I have to get a copy of Josies as it is wonderfully bonkers! It also looks like Sally enjoyed a day in the sun working on hers - alright for some!

Lauren has been making resin rings - these are not real feathers, they are actually her rather beautiful drawings.

Faith is all Mexican - I should not be allowed to work with her on the heat press as I have ruined her work twice now - FAITH, I AM SO SORRY!

Ruth's giraffes and other wild animals are taking shape.

And Maddie has (at last) begun printing her lovely tableware.

Evie took advantage of our sunny balcony and played at being a bit like the famous five...

Sorry Viki - I couldn't resist....... nice letters though!

Rachel - screen  printing up a fifties storm - mine's a cosmo please.

Pip and his wretched Petri dishes - 

Evie, we will see if you are still smiling when you have to model this on the catwalk!

Mean while, Vickie has been super organised and booked out the studio to get some folio pics shot - how cute is her duck skirt?! Her FMP collection is even better - watch this space....

Flo - always up for a laugh - who else could look so gorgeous with a rubber duck on their head?!

I am also still addicted to the voice - I know - so sad - but hey, I have no shame! To quote the I am - Beau? whoa!


  1. Excellent! Wonderful work as always and a top banana veggie patch.
    My gorgeous tea towel arrived and I love it to bits. I keep showing it off!

    1. I am so glad you liked it - If I had thought about it I could have asked you to pick one from the photo as they haven't been in circulation yet!
      Loving that M&S tin!!