Thursday, 17 May 2012

Busy, busy, busy.

It's all go, go, go in this part of the world - things work wise are moving in all the right directions, my girls and boy are doing me very proud - to each and every one of you - thank you for being so amazing - I know that the show this year is going to be a very good one - despite the fact that Ivan (Mr Bicknell) says I am a terrible bully and a tyrant and that my lot only produce so much great work because they are terrified of me, I firmly believe that it is because I have done my very best to foster a solid work ethic and a genuine desire to succeed - and I also know that when they step back from finally setting up their shows they will be properly pleased. Of course there is always the odd misery who might feel press ganged into following the code a bit - but I wonder what they would do if I wasn't giving them a small shove in the right direction here and there.....!

we also threw a party last Friday for our treasured uncle Alan - he who has not only been the best boss in the world ever - no one else at college can even come close to the man and manager that he is, they simply don't make them like that any more, more's the pity, - but the best teacher I ever had too! We all know that education is suffering at the moment and I think that he is fortunate to be able to get out now, safe in the knowledge that he was able to lead with dignity, compassion and a gentle touch which we will all miss terribly. I can only hope that a little of his unselfish and giving persona has rubbed off on those he has left behind.

So last week we had mid point assessments - we have crits every week, but these were graded so pivotal moments all round - the red dots below are my rather mean way of encouraging a student to put a little distance page wise between each crit - i.e. each week we start from the last red dot.....

Ruth and Josie waiting for the rest of their crit group...

Ellie - not quite ready for her close-up...

But had great work to show none the less - and how lovely is the elephant drawing below?

Maddie - talking the hind leg off a donkey - but hey, at least she's awake....!

Flo - just rude!

Josie the coolest lighting project in town - a dog bowl and laser cut bones - people will be queuing up to buy them! 

Handmade resin dog led lights

Hand printed fabric shade - blimey the girl is a genius!

Oh, and don't forget the drawings in the sketchbooks!

Pip - not usually so shy - but considering it has taken him 5 toiles to get his dress pattern right I would be too fed up to be snapped too!

Thanks Sam - a camera on record is just what we needed....

Evie ripping it up Yorkshire style with development of victim based corsets - she is a very good add for the poser of perseverance! 

Yes, real bones...

Lizzie - finishing touches...

All hand printed and totally beautiful.

Rachel's lovely sketchbook - she printed today and I will make sure you see the results.

Holly is not of this world - soldering irons and vacuum forming - get your fashion future here!

Maddies first prints - final colours mixed tonight, so watch this space!

Ruth (Dory) has gone animal crackers - lovely prints were made today - I will post them soon!

Lunch break 

The other Rachel's letters - this is going to be good - but you will have to wait and see. Meanwhile check out her fabby cushions below...

Jazzy printing - you ain't seen nothing yet - but here is a preview!

Georgia - great expectations.....

Sally - it's just an illusion - oh - there's a catwalk show song on there!

Flo - our resident model!

But she also makes a mean garment herself!

The first years have also been busy with their boards - here are some of my favourites all done and dusted!



Katie B


And so on to the party - this was a military operation and nearly killed us - a million photos, too many strings of bunting to even contemplate, secrets and lies and far too many puddings!

So I made a book which contained all the photos I took of the staff and their words, ancient pics of the man himself, a terrific drawing by Ivan (Mr Bicknell), memorabilia, letters from old colleagues and a huge amount of love!

He didn't have a clue and didn't even twig when we convinced a student (Vickie T) to take his photo so that Ivan could draw him!!!! Well done Vickie!

Our brilliant ex-principal couldn't party, but he sent a wonderful letter!

The drawing - it's quite good I s'pose!

Some of the photos and messages

And all those art trips!

Have you ever tried driving with a car packed full of helium balloons?! Don't do it!

The bunting - brilliantly printed by Sammi, made and hung by me - it is made form all the kind words the staff used to describe the main man in their photos!

Liz's AMAZING cakes!

The band arrived....

...and so did Alan!

Many old faces appeared and the nostalgia set in.

And then the dancing began - I have video evidence - but that would be too, too, cruel!

Are these, or are they not, the best shoes ever?!

Georgie and the boys - Matt her predecessor a few times removed and Sam, Alan's lovely son!

And a fine time was had by all! 

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