Thursday, 17 May 2012

Nice things and painful things

Post party we have been busy - we have been on a True Adventure conference in preparation for our trip to Nepal in October, I have dug the veggie patch at last, we have been to panel which was hideous and not recommended - don't get me started on that - but I will say that I think we have been approved - when I am less bruised I will explain, but surely a child is better off with this textiles teacher than dying from pneumonia in an African orphanage?

I also received a very cool and well timed parcel from my gorgeous friend Rebecca - darling girl I love you. XX

So, in the garden things are coming to life - and wasn't it nice to have some sunshine at last? even though it was so short lived! 


AFTER - now where are my broad bean plants (grown by the kids at college no less!)?

My little (annoying) helper!

My parcel........

Tinsel and Easter eggs and everything!!!!


False eyelashes, fashion illustration top trumps and sparkly lights!

Have a sparkly weekend won't you? XXXXX

Oh, BTW Miss Ivy Black Chat - your T Towel will be in the post on Saturday with lots of love - and happy birthday! X

1 comment:

  1. Thank you my darling! I'm a big spoilt birthday brat!!
    You will definitely be approved and yes,a little one is much better off with you than in their present circumstances.
    Now THAT'S a parcel! Enjoy!
    Have a great weekend.