Wednesday, 30 May 2012

And the weather was perfect

last weekend we celebrated the wedding of Lizzie and Mark, it was a wonderful couple of days and so nice to see (nearly) all the theddenites back in one place and celebrating in style! Ivan (Mr Bicknell) grew up in the most amazing place alongside 15 other children, their parents mostly all still live at Thedden Grange, which means that the community spirit has remained firmly in tact and when such an occasion as a wedding occurs the guest list is heavy on the "family", indeed, Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I celebrated our own wedding day there nearly 6 years ago, blimey doesn't time fly when you're having fun!! 

As you will see, it is a truly magical place....

Brightly coloured flags along the driveway welcomed the guests


The bride and groom pre-nuptials

All aboard

Sister and Father of the bride - Grace (very close to popping) and Nick

Annie and Rainer - working the bump well!

Coloured lanterns surrounded the park

Champagne on the lawn

Mark - groom with a pearl earring...

The knot garden

Thedden in bloom

Bunting, peonies and origami 

One cake is so last year

Oscar on lookout duty

First viewing of the fiery figures



Ned and Merryn

The fiery figures cubist style

The burning 

The watching

The sparks

The dancing begins - Oscar sets the tone

The next day the celebrations continued with picnicking on the lawn

The sun shone brightly and the babies were cooled down

26th May 2012 - congratulations Lizzie and Mark XX

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