Monday, 18 June 2012

Half term and beyond....

A lot has been happening since my last post and I just don't seem to be able to stay on top of things do I?! It will calm down at college soon and I will be able to start on a new epic journey of turning our house into a place suitable for a baby - eek! Lots has progressed with our impending adoption....

 So the Queen had a bit of a celebration - a pretty impressive thing getting to your Diamond Jubilee - I am ashamed to say that I didn't really get involved in any actual celebrations or T.V. watching for that matter as I was feeling naff from an unplanned bout of blood poisoning,  Ivan (Mr Bicknell) had also disappeared off to hang off a rock for the most part and well, it isn't quite the same waving  a flag on your own! However I did see this rather wonderful home made Queenie in a solicitors window in Petersfield and couldn't resist taking a photo - the likeness is uncanny don't you think!!

At least the antibiotics were a good colour!!

On the whole half term was a case of organising and tidying things up. It's fashion show time again and Hugo and Argiel - my photographers extraordinaire did a smashing job of capturing this years budding designers - as you can see they were so inspired they all fell asleep!

The whole fashion and textiles gang.

Hugo snapping Pip

Argiel and Flo and a big red chair




Faith with a little help from her friends!



As usual, my photos are pretty ropey - but here are some of Hugo's...
The class of 2012 












Most of half term was a bit damp (!) but there was a nice day at some point and I took the opportunity to take some pics of the garden - this time of the year is when it generally looks its best but the rain has completely ruined my enjoyment of it this year!!

As a part of the paperwork that we have to put together for the orphanage in Africa we have to include images of our home - despite being at deaths door (!) I took full advantage of Ivan's (Mr bicknell's) absence and tidied it up so that I could start taking those all important photos! Well a few anyway..

The end of half term was a bit more fun - it was Belle's birthday and we got to meet our brand new nephew Max - I even managed to catch the Damien Hirst too!

Birthday bunting - this one is made from bunting pockets which contain bags of sweets, shame it takes so bloody long to make otherwise I might try to sell it!

Party bags

Party food

Party fun - who said you can't have fun over 40?! Thanks Lynda for letting us have a bounce!

Introducing Max - congratulations to Annie and Rainer - he is GORGEOUS! You will have to take my word for this!

If you haven't been, please do, the Hirst at Tate Modern is fab - I loved every minute of it! Shame Ivan had to go map shopping.... ah well, the life of a mountain widow!

Hirst, Getty Images

The southbank - man with a glass ball...

The Prop Room bar


And back to college and the construction of the shows - Josie bringing her kennel in - like you do....

Lauren engrossed in her painting

Still painting and the early stages of Viki's space

Gruesome jewellery from Evie

Scarves by Hannah

general mess

Cupboards full of cushions from Ellie

last minute photo shoot from Pip

Lizzie - colour crazy!

Much, much, much  more to come!


  1. How busy are you? And how exciting!
    Lovely pics...I do like a nose around people's houses and gardens. Seeing your chair there ahs made me re think my shed chair!! I think you know where I'm going with it!
    I do love a bit of Hirst. I could live with For the Love of God... I have a shelf for it.
    Fab student work as always.
    Take care.

    1. I am afraid that my shelf is better than yours!! I am frowned upon at work by "the fine artists" for liking Hirst, but I just love it, maybe it is the collector in me who likes everything lined up neatly!!!
      RE chair - just say the word!!!!