Friday, 30 December 2011

Two things that made me smile...

Finally, before I end my mammoth blogging session - here are two things that made me smile this week - the first was a blog post by Jenny from HandMade Happiness about a poor solitary bird, and the second was a cheery Glee Christmas song - I am still in mourning about my current lack of Glee, but the enormous amount of Amazon vouchers I received from My Brother, Aunt and Godson this Christmas will keep me in back episodes of ER for quite a while! Luka has just arrived on the scene and Dr Greene (My favourite character) has just been diagnosed with a fatal brain tumour - it's tense to say the least!

"For the second time his mate has been sold and flown off to a new life without him!
Gayle Bicknell's handmade bird gazes forlornly out at the traffic hoping for a glimpse of either of his former partners! "

No need to panic -  I have a solitary lilac one left, and they will be paired together soon!

I hope your Christmas was a lovely one, I hope Santa left you wonderful surprises and most of all, I hope you were surrounded by everyone you hold dear. X

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  1. Really enjoyed reading all your new blog posts Gayle. Have you forwarded your present stack pic to the Guiness Book of Records yet for their consideration?!
    Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you and little lilac bird at the shop soon!