Sunday, 4 December 2011

And the craft fairs keep on coming......

So this weekend it was Selborne - I love this one, my neighbour and I do it every year and we basically just sit behind our tables and drink tea and gossip, which is exactly as it should be! friends drop in and out and  we sometimes even sell stuff! This year it was a blinder for both of us - smart Hampshire villages are yet to feel the recession it would seem - thank God!!! I have a sale left at college with George and my gorgeous girls which will probably amount to nothing given we find out who is going to be made redundant this year tomorrow - I should imagine that not much Christmas spirit will be filling our hallways this week..... Then it is one last one in Petersfield and I am done for the year, phew,, it has been really full on this term what with me leading this double life, writing hundreds of personal statements (err, I mean correcting hundreds of personal statements!), references and marking shed loads of stuff as well as get my head around the whole adoption process...... but it's nearly Christmas and what will be, will well, be I suppose! I knocked out some new birds and canvases this week, I forgot to take some pics of the birds which is a bugger because they sold, but here are the canvases.....

I also received a very nice cheque from the fabulous Jenny and Handmade Happiness on Saturday which was fab and if you haven't been to her wonderful shop on Dragon street in Petersfield then you must - it is full of gorgeous things - I will be popping in next Saturday after the fair to do a bit of Christmas shopping! Keep tabs on her blog too you never know what she might be putting on there........!

I saw this on my student's blog this week too - I don't know who posted it, but I really loved it.

And don't these brollies look great - well done to Jazzy, Hannah T, Georgia and Holly respectively.
We have also been allocated our social worker this week - I spoke to her this evening, she sounds brilliant and her name is Happiness - isn't that amazing? I hope that that is what she brings us.....although I nearly fell off my chair when she told me that we go to panel in 5 months time instead of the usual 10 - OMG!!!!
In the meantime Ivan has been doing a jigsaw puzzle, he is so proud of himself because it has only taken him 2 days to do it, when on the box it said 2 - 4 years...........
Night XX!


  1. Hi Gayle, when are your last christmas fairs? I'd love to come to one, but I don't get back to the shire until 11th! Hope you're doing well, Hannah Scully x

  2. Oh too bad Hannah, I finish on the 10th in Petersfield in st peters hall. Lovely to hear from you though! Xx