Tuesday, 13 December 2011

All the latest from the rubbish blogger!

So, rubbish as usual then, life is again mad in my neck of the woods, and as much as I LOVE Christmas and all that it entails, for me it marks one of the busiest times of my calendar year, and that is way before the Christmas shopping, wrapping and card making even enters the equation.... Craft fairs galore as you know, but folio development is what really consumes me whole, and  all the tears and tantrums (Evie and Pip mainly) that accompany the whole process can seriously wear a girl down. Honestly the song and dance that most of my lovelies have made this time around about what is essentially sticking a few photocopies down onto large sheets of paper, is, on the whole, a wee bit unnecessary, and if they just did as they were told and didn't waste a great deal of energy being overly precious about things, life would be much calmer. But hang on.... what am I talking about? They are TEENAGERS aren't they? So of course it was going to be a nightmare! Oh I can  hear the "whatevers" already!

So what else has been going down in my life? Well not  much really aside from folios and craft fairs, but here are some pics for you to look at anyway - or of course you could just go and do something a little more constructive with your time and have a glass of wine and watch a bit of crap T.V...........
From left to right - Holly, Jazzy and Lauren joined Georgie, Paul, Deborah and I in having a bit of a sale at "school" - by all accounts it was a bit of a hit all round with lots of cash being handed over!

Delicious in a bit of hot milk - by Lauren

Felted trees by Deborah

Jars stuffed full of buttons also by Deborah

Felted robins also by Deborah - busy girl I think!

Our wondrous new edition Paul - smiley and lovely in every way and he prints a mean T too!

Evie - carefully taking final pics of final folio page layouts before permanently sticking it all down...

 Ivan (Mr Bicknell) having a bit of a nose at Hannah's lovely folio

But sadly it was all too much for Maddie!

Evie in a spin

closely followed by Rachel

Rach getting all waspy - seems like an age ago that we did this project...

Last show of the season - Petersfield - run by Wanda Grosvenor who happens to be the mother of a n ex-student of mine - Shawana, this was definitely the most high calibre of shows - lots of good stuff here and I ended up spending a small fortune!

last of my old tat!

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