Friday, 30 December 2011

A belated catch-up - how did Christmas get so busy?

So Christmas has been and gone, and with what is becoming a rather predictable characteristic of mine, I am well over-due in the blogging department, oh well! It has been a splendid, if not rather full-on Christmas for the Bicknell's and I have especially enjoyed having some quality time with friends and family, as well as the opportunity to relax for once and do lots of simple things like watch rubbish movies curled up on the sofa with endless mugs of tea and then endless glasses of red wine - something I can only do when Ivan (Mr Bicknell) is away climbing as he will currently only drink pink! I have been planning on sitting down and getting on with a bit of blogging for some days now, but what with one thing and another it just hasn't happened, so now I am going to shove it all down in one fell swoop before I drag my sorry arse back to college and have to return to my life of being a responsible grown-up and dealing with all those scardey cat university applicants and the beginnings of our fund raising for our trip to Nepal in the Autumn!

So in the next few posts I will catch y'all up to speed. First off I'm going to show you some of the fruits of the labours of my boy and girls who worked so hard last term. Look - the 14 year olds made their make-up bags! Can you believe it? It was touch and go for a bit, but they look alright don't they?! Nice bit of made-up styling too!

And my lovely BTEC's have produced some splendiforous portfolios, here are some particularly good pages - apologies for the wibbly photography, but I am not tall enough to get square on!!!












I hope my bunch of hard-working lovelies all had a wonderful and restful Christmas and will be well-charged for the hard work to come! I also hope that one of their New Years resolutions is to keep their studio nice and tidy!

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  1. Glad you had a good one!
    It all looks bloody brill...they are a talented bunch. Makes me wish I could be a student all over again 'cos I'd be there!xxx