Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hmmm. soggy and defeated!

So here we are then - 2012 - blimey, where did 2011 go? We opted for a quiet New Year's eve in Worldham - whilst next door partied away with hoards of grown-ups and kids, we kept ourselves to ourselves - it wasn't the most dynamic of evenings, but we stayed awake and saw it in with party poppers, sparklers and crackers none the less - Ivan (Mr Bicknell) cooked and we drank homemade mojitos and lots of fizz and did what all 40 year olds do - played Scrabble - I knew it would come to evenings like this once I turned 40 - I just knew it!!!! To top it all I was completely taken to the cleaners! So what's to come of us in 2012? Well change is on the cards with our adoption process in full swing, our place of work being re-structured beyond recognition and possessing itchy feet which are perhaps in need of a change of scene perhaps, who knows? Needless to say our lives are quite probably going to change completely. I'm both terrified and excited, I am however ready for anything. I have lots of hopes and dreams for the year, some work-related, some family-related and some a little bit off the scale, but as I keep telling my students, you have no idea what you can achieve until you try, life is an exciting adventure and is most definitely far too short to be scared of having a go! So I'm going to do just that and stick my neck out a bit! I loved Ms Black's post today - I completely know what she's saying - being in education is a funny thing at the  moment, there is a great deal of mistrust and disappointment in our working environment currently, which saddens me so very much as this is completely at odds with what we are trying to instill in all those boys and girls that we teach. But it is also a realistic view of life and alongside all the joy and adventure, there will always be disappointment and maybe a degree of disaster, but life is what you make it, and Ivy is quite right - you should make a concerted effort to find the fun!

So may all your hopes and dreams come true and here's to an eventful and cheerful New Year. X

Ivan (Mr Bicknell) adding up his ridiculously high score - but if you look below, it is no surprise I was so rubbish when this is a typical selection of letters!

And it got worse.......!

Midnight - has he seen the light?!

New Year's Day was soggy however - do you remember that we have a bit of a tradition in the Bicknell household? No? Well let me refresh your memory...... I don't know why I got dragged into this, but Ivan (Mr Bicknell) has eleceted to swim every New Year's Day - come snow (last year), rain (this year) or shine (yet to happen!), and I get to go along and witness the event - mainly so that if he crashes and burns, I can run for help! The dog comes too and this year I'm sure he thought he was being punished because it was raining so bloody hard! Maybe you don't atomatically become old and sensible at 40!!!!

Psyching up...

Encouraged by the intrepid dog....

And he's in - SPLASH!

I didn't swim, but I genuinely believe that I was wetter! Here's to New Year Flu!!! Well, at least I got try out my wellies!


  1. Happy New Year, my lovely! Let's have a fab one!xxx

  2. Such a shame. The unions have a lot to answer for. In retrospect the things they fought for during the last century only destroyed the value of teachers. In general they are no longer respected either in the classroom or by parents. Parents know the good ones, but there are a wealth of bad ones out there too.

    I hope you plans for 2012 progress well. I appreciate YOUR value, I have a vested interest in you continuing to teach.