Sunday, 22 January 2012

Weekly round-up - have given-up trying to stay on top of this on a daily basis!

So it was a busy old week last week - firmly back in the swing of things now and Christmas really is but a distant memory - never mind, we have lots to look forward to - a trip to Istanbul, a trip to Nepal (yes really!), parenting classes, a possible trip to Africa and getting to know our social worker really well! College will see a whole new load of graduates and mock interviews for uni are about to take place - God help me!

My week last week started with flowers and heart shaped biscuits - a bit of an old tradition in the Bicknell household - I often get flowers because a) I'm very lucky and b) I'm very spoilt!

This is Alfie - he is horrid and doesn't deserve a write up, but he is a Worldham fixture and was happily munching away when I passed him on my way home one day - he is comedy miserable and I couldn't help but take a snap - Bobby (next door's dog) and I had a very close shave with Alfie once - blimey he can run fast!!!

I finished Belle's cushion - I really enjoyed doing this - it reminded me of designing children's textiles in a former life!

I had to shoot it "in situ" of course but the cushion that usually resides on our spare bed was actually made by Sammi, our current textile technician - she gave it to me when she was one of my students, and I love it! The reason that it does not live on our bed is because the cats would sleep all over it and ruin it!

I have also been printing some new cushions to sell - I always like them as polaroids - makes them look much groovier than they really are!

Not a good Sudoku week for Ivan (Mr Bicknell), HA HA - I got him this book as a stocking filler - a brilliant buy - keeps him quite for hours!!

We went to London town with 50 first years to look at cool modern buildings for their new project - it didn't rain and we most certainly did not drink delicious hot chocolate at Carluccio's on Canary Wharf!!

Synchronisation of watches..

Oh isn't he handsome!

Having a bit of a polaroid moment still - here are some of my rubbish photos from the day!

Installation at the British Museum

The Great Court

Clever poster

On Friday night I went out with the aerobic girls - The  pub was formerly best avoided, but now it has new owners, a very nice interior and pretty goof food - I feel bad though because the ladies wouldn't leave a tip - BEN! I'm sorry.......

Saturday night we had CHRISTMAS - yes really! Lynda and family finally came back from Oz - so it was a belated celebration.

We ate Guinea Fowl (- great recipe below - try it), and my Mum's Christmas pudding - soooo good!

We drank proper fizz

We had crackers.....

.......and sparkles.....

......and we got presents!

Sunday Mum and I went to spend money we don't have at Gun Wharf....

 Yeah I know I'm a grown woman, but aren't they cute? Besides my Mummy bought them for me!!!

I baked another Herman!

And what could this all be about?

You'll have to wait and see, but I'll tell you this - it has something to do with this lot! The textile class of 2012 - aren't they cheery!!

And tonight I enjoyed some good old Sunday night telly!

Sleep tight XXX

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