Sunday, 8 January 2012

The first years pull it off....and then some!

Happy New College year! And what a start it was - Paul and Ivan's first years did us proud! This week we had a little pretend fashion show to see what they had been up to with their "trashion" project - I was impressed to say the least! there are some amazing location shots in circulation too and I will do my best to steal some for you to see too - but for now, these are Flo's photos  you to ohh and ahh at! Flo BTW is one of my second year lovelies - I have to admit that I am occasionally cross with her for not working as hard as she could, but after her pro-active shooting on Friday and a really bloody good essay, I am currently VERY pleased with her!

So, like last year, the students were given a single object with which to base their designs on, these were..... a clothes peg, an envelope, a plastic bag, a tea bag, a cardboard tube, a sock, a plastic cup, cutlery, a coat hanger, a drinking straw, a pair of rubber gloves and  a plastic bottle.....

Paul sent me a link to this over the holidays - ha! If only he had sent it sooner - but wow, how cool is this?

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  1. Oh My GOSH they are so inventive. I miss Alton!!