Monday, 5 September 2011


One of my best and oldest friends moved to Germany about 5 years ago and ever since we have made something of a concerted effort to visit each other or go on holiday together every year, this isn't always the easiest thing to coordinate with us both having extremely busy lives, but we do seem to manage it! So this year I made the trip to her, this will be my last trip to Germany though as she will shortly be moving to another country, but at this moment in time I can't really tell you where as it is all a bit hush hush, what I can tell you is that Rebecca's life is never simple and often makes mine look extremely dull!!

Believe it or not, I am not a great flyer - it scares the hell out of me if I'm honest, especially if I am going solo as it were! Therefore the flight out to Basel was even more hideous for me than it was for the normal and rational individuals on my flight, I honestly thought at one point that I might die - talk about a bumpy ride! If you have ever been caught in a thunderstorm whilst flying then you will know what I mean! Bex looked just as pale as me when I did eventually venture out of the airport (almost 40 minutes later than scheduled because it was too "dangerous to land"), as she could see how shaken up everyone else was! But I made it and we had a really lovely time for 4 days, catching up and drinking lots of fizz and red wine!

As I hadn't been to hers for a few years it was also the first time that I had met her dogs - Gilbert and George - great arty names huh?



Bex, her partner Alex and the canines! This is actually on the balcony of their new secret location - aha, I didn't just go to Germany you see......

A view from the Black forest

Window shopping....

I think it is a dislodged name label, but I liked it enough to snap it!

Street party - undisclosed location....

Werner Gerber - from what I can gather, a couple of architects with a side line in Fina art! I love this though, but as the book of the exhibit was £80, I am just going to have to keep searching for something online!

As you know I sadly turned 40 this year, and although I did have a bit of a gathering Bex was unable to attend, to "make up for it" this amazing box of goodies was presented to me, everything was so beautifully wrapped that I had to take a pic..

But then the contents was so amazing that I had to snap that too - how spoiled am I? God this summer has made me look like a total brat!

Rebecca's current city, Freiburg, has a great weekday market - I am a sucker for kids stocking fillers!

Mad pumpkins - someone must have been very bored!!!

You have to love a papier mache pig don't you!

Abandoned - best thing to do with a smurf!!!

Would I say that about the Germans???

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