Monday, 5 September 2011

Autumn marvels!

This is my favourite time of year, the blackberries ready to be plucked whilst on warm country walks, apple crumble, the first lighting of our open fire, the smell and colours of Autumn leaves, the build up to Halloween, Guy Fawkes and of course Christmas, the new term - yes, sad, I know - but most of all, lots of new fab T.V!!!!! Oh I am well aware of how tragic I am, but one of my favourite childhood memories was of eating crumpets/boiled eggs/corn on the cob in front of the fire, in front of the T.V. on an Autumn Sunday evening! And these days the advent of the new series of Doctor Who and X Factor simply fill me with joy!!! This year I missed the beginnings of these two shows but have subsequently caught up, but imagine my surprise when I saw an ex-student of ours, Stefan Romer get through to bootcamp! Well, if I am honest, I did know that he had applied, but not that he had gotten through to the next stage! I actually know a lot more, but am not at liberty to say just yet, but I am very excited......... Here's his first flirty audition!

I also loved Janet Devlin -

And Johnny Robinson -

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