Monday, 5 September 2011

Holiday reading

Although my summer was super busy I did get to add to the self-indulgence with some light reading! I know that at my age I should be going to deeper heavier ready material, but like my taste in T.V. it is generally human nature fiction that I am attracted to! The two that I did get to read are great and if you haven't dipped into them already then I can thoroughly recommend them.....

Maggie O'Farrell is a particular favourite of mine and her latest is wonderful - very, very sad, but wonderful. what I really enjoy about her writing is her ability to develop a dual narrative, so that you are continually anticipating their ultimate collision through well sewn seeds of suggestions and clues! This is her 5th novel and all 5 have been magnificent!

This is the fourth book which focuses on the Jackson Brodie character, recently brought superbly to life by the BBC in Case Histories. Atkinson in essence is witty and humorous, and she provides a constant stream of suspense which finds yourself racing to get to the end, or that could just be me! Like O'Farrell, Atkinson is also highly adept at threading many lives together and with a number of creatively devised individuals to unravel you find yourself genuinely consumed by their fictional lives!

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