Tuesday, 6 September 2011

14 year olds again.....

So now that work has officially begun once again, I am having to get my head around the projects I wrote at the end of last term for the new course and it's 14 year old participants, I am acutely aware that they are very different from the students I normally teach on so many levels, so I am going to make a concerted effort to try and do what I can alongside them, so today was all about them..... I actually elected to take advantage of being able to work from home for the very last time this term (unless we get heaps of early snow of course) and had a wonderfully productive day! I also needed to have some peace and quiet as tomorrow sees us meet Keith our social worker for the first time, I cannot tell you how terrified I am! I hope he thinks that we might actually make decent parents - so please send us lots of positive vibes!

So what did I do? Well first of all I watched the Gilmore girls, oh, as well as making a great PowerPoint presentation for the new project of course, well, I am a woman after all, multi tasking is second nature isn't it! Then I hunted around our house, inside and out (in the rain), for some interesting organic forms to photograph, saved what I could on PhotoShop (!) and then I spent the afternoon making make-up bags - which is what this projects ends with - and thank God, at last I've got it down - why am I so rubbish at zips?! I also wentt to yoga, so now I am all balanced and centred!! so here we go then!

Ahhh the Gilmore Girls........
And reality has no place in my world either!!!!

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