Monday, 31 January 2011

An update from the lovely Hazel!

Well I had written another entry quite a while ago now but it got lost in cyberspace so I`ll incorporate a little of that one into this. :)
The main reason I picked Derby was for how in the first semester, fashion and textiles are mixed together, we were on a 3 week rotation of the areas of study. So by that I mean in the first week I had, Private study, Pattern cutting and manufacturing and Professional studies. In the next week I had, Visual research (drawing), Professional studies again and Knit. In the final week I then had Life drawing, Professional studies and Print. This idea of trying everything out was great fun! It also helps to widen our skills so when we come to design for ourselves we aren’t limited by our knowledge of only one specialised area.
In my previous lost entry I instructed Gayle to try and get hold of a knitting machine asap as they are great fun, however after trying to complete four samples I have some what changed my views on them. The frustration of dropping a stitch on an otherwise perfect piece of machine knitting is unbearable for the perfectionist that I become when it comes to my work.
Print was separated in to two parts, screen printing and heat transfer press. Both of which I have tried before but further experimentation and finding out the ways things are done at uni was useful.
For each area of study a sketchbook or folder needed to be created so every sample is put to use, but this also means constant gathering of magazine cut-outs and designer research needs to be done!
I'm going to admit that I've fallen in to the same trap as I’m sure nearly every first year uni student does and didn’t kept up to date with my work. This did involve a practical all nighter the day before hand in, however being kept company by boyfriend was much appreciated!! My advice ... just do the work as you get it. Even though I’m usually little Miss organised I let it slip then had way too much to do. Hand in at this stage was such a relief and a great excuse to start the pre Christmas drinking.Not that students should be consuming excessive amounts of alcohol on degree.....! 
Over Christmas we were given the start to our new semesters project, it revolves around illustrators. This has given me a chance to look again at some of my old favourites like Kathryn Elyse and Sarah Singh but also find some new inspirations. Take a look on I Illustration for something new and different. My particular favourite find is Connie Lim with her amazing illustrated playing cards:

I really just want to say how impressed I am with how Gayle is keeping so up to date with this blog. It’s always looking good and full of interesting bits and pieces so super big well done to you on that Gayle and at this precise second you’ve had 11,193 views. WOW! Ahem - it's a few more now!!!
So until I have something interesting to say (or get bored)... bye xxx

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