Sunday, 16 January 2011


Pip is a relatively new student to me - he is in the first year group that I currently share with Annie, and is proving to be a bit of a fashionista - oh how I LOVE seeing a boy get stuck into the fashion side of things, makes a great change from the graffiti and they add such a lovely sense of calm to an otherwise frantically female environment - and this is why I miss the lovely Mr Towner so much!! Pip is super sweet and super dedicated and I really am looking forward to being his tutor next year - who knows, he could follow in the talented Mr Joe McCombe's footsteps and make my next wedding dress! Ha! Only kidding Ivan (Mr Bicknell), one student gown is enough - not planning on doing it again! Here are some of Pip's own photos from their recent recycling project - ahh, takes me back to the 80's!

Lovely styling don't you think? Makes my photos look a bit shocking!

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