Monday, 31 January 2011

And how lucky am I? Another great update, but this time from Sam!

Sam Towner January 28 at 8:25am Report
Hey Gayle, missing you and hoping you're well! Thought I'd give an update of how things are going.

We're currently working with Hannah Marshall, along with journalist Paul Tierney and our design tutors on the 'modernity project'. We were required to find vintage/second hand garments that inspire us and eventually develop an outcome produced in all black. The project is presented through 5 deadlines over 5 weeks: samples of developed ideas/concept all in black, sketchbook, final garment(s) with final illustration, essay (40% of mark), and final article intended for a magazine of our choice. We've also started a print project, combined with a jersey project with a designer by the name of Paul Bosley (his work is incredible). With regards to the essay, Paul Tierney has stripped the brief down and wants it to be less academic. If you read any of his work, I understand what he values as a good piece of journalism... However, he is amazingly bloody eloquent!

We are currently up to the making of the garment and I'm going to traipse around London, searching for 12 metres of fabric that won't send my student loan packing. Hannah is incredibly helpful and I'm learning a lot from the project overall. We've recently had reviews with our tutor, Hilary. I've been made to slow down, and you'll be pleased to hear that I've been in every day since we've been back (even when we haven't had lectures). As a result of my review, the current project, and working with Hannah, I've started to re-evaluate my whole approach to the research and development of my work, presentation, and evaluation of details. Hannah has also introduced me to mentoring sessions run by vauxhall fashion scouts: I recently attended a PR and press mentoring session with Jessica Bumpus (online editor for Vogue), Blow magazine (PR and editor), and the co-owner of Tank magazine, Caroline. The advice they gave was really helpful and i Iook forward to future sessions. You can also propose ideas for future sessions. The use of controversial fabrics and production methods was on my list! One of friends, Rachel also gained an internship with Tank out of the session, and on another note, one of my second year friends, Arron has just got a payed internship at Burberry for the next year, and he'll joining us in the second year again, next Christmas. !!! Also got some more gossip... Our tutor, Hilary received a phone call offering a full time pattern cutting job, 50K a year at McQueen... She just said, 'no thank you' and put the phone down. Her reasoning being that she likes to teach (and doesn't fancy working 24 hours a day)!

Well, I best be off now as I'm going into the studio, but I'll be in touch soon and keep on following your blog to see what everyone there is up to.

All the best,


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