Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Back with a bang!

So as you know, I have a new gang - half of my (enormous) tutor group consists of some of last terms lovelies, but they are now joined by the grown-up children - the foundationers - so as a means of getting to know each other they were paired with a realtive stranger and asked to create a piece of work which contained specific information about the other person..... A handbook if you like - basic information - name, age, D.O.B, favourite film and so on, coupled with hopes and dreams and favourite topic of converstaion!

The final outcomes will appear in due course - but here is a taster of what they came up with.....

Everything from bunting to, pop up maps, to flick books to illustrated books with a pair of shoes thrown in for good measure, what an inventive bunch they are!

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