Thursday, 20 January 2011

It isn't all work, work, work...

This particular textiles teacher does have a bit of a life - not too much in term time, but a bit none the less! The weekend before last Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I drove down to Wales to visit our lovely friends Rob and Tess - Rob was going to be 50, which makes my impending birthday suddenly seem a little less horrific, and we were booked in to help celebrate surprise styley! We met Rob some years ago now in our other lives as intrepid explorers when he accompanied one of our teams to central America and he and Ivan (Mr Bicknell) got on like a house. So we have stayed in touch and try to meet up as regularly as possible. The best thing about Rob is that he loves a good musical so not only is he a man's man, he also knows how to appreciate the more fun things in life - a fact that almost kills Ivan (Mr Bicknell)! The party itself was a great success and saw Rob doing a brilliant impression of being the drunkest man I have ever seen, so in a bid to clear heads we took a stroll the next day right out of their back door - and oh my, what a view!

A bit of spontaneous art? Richard Long eat yer heart out!

Hmmm, yeah, dial 999 for help? Well I would but the only available keys are 1, 2, and 3 - ahh the Welsh, you gotta love'em!

A champagne birthday picnic - in January, the sun shone brightly!

Cheers - here's to another 50!

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