Monday, 24 January 2011

A trip up the M3, M25 & the M40....

So, there is this AMAZING degree course, if I was 18 again, oh god, actually, no,  I wouldn't even go there again - not my best period, maybe late 20's, I would beg for a place! The tutors are great, the work that is produced is  impressive and the town - High Wycombe, err, well it's rubbish - but you're close to London, so that's got to count for something hasn't it? Anyhow, I was visiting last week, like you do, you know keeping good relations burning - we want them to take lots of our girls you see, and as well as being greeted with tea and cake (!) lots of my lovely ex-Alton lovelies were there to say hi and show me around.... G came too and Nancy was already there with her Mum having her first interview - could anyone look more scared.....

Lou and Charlie - relaxing with a cuppa - Look at all those swishy books - I want, I want, I want!

Sarah Moss - an unnaturally tidy desk.

Sarah and her sketchbooks.

Now here's a desk I can identify with!

Lou - its owner!

Technical dye books - hmmmm, maybe we need technical files - then I wouldn't have to repeat myself so often - actually come to think of it, maybe I could do one for how to clean our home - then Ivan (Mr Bicknell) would know what to do ......

Fashion illustrations - sorry Lou - terrible photo - but just so you all know, they are pretty impressive!

Charlie - a rreal sweetie - a knitter these days and the individual who encouraged me to crochet!

Sammi - looking miserable for absolutely NO reason - but she was always stupidly tough on herself!

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