Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Easter holidays - eventually

Yeah, because they were like weeks and weeks ago! But a fine time was had by all and it was a welcome break from college which is always so, so, busy at this time of year. The FMP is in full swing (actually I wrote this a little while ago and it turns out that we are now putting them up right now!!!) and I am really excited about all the ideas that my lot have this year, there are some real high fliers so I am hoping the shows are going to be real Knock outs!

The sun shone a bit over the break and lots of fun things went on - visits and trips, DIY, making and mental toddler management! Ivan (Mr Bicknell) escaped for a well earned rest to Spain for a week of climbing, so the annoying one and I got to spend lots of me and him time which is always nice! We missed daddy of course......

So the nice weather brought summer styly food - how sad am I photographing separated broad beans....? I do love a broad bean!

AT LAST we got the Easel out that Oma  bought last year! My aided painting was quickly obliterated however!

Alton College - my place of work has started this great arts centre aimed at entertaining/educating/inspiring the local community called Wessex arts - it is run by some really great people and caters for all ages and all interests - flower arranging/gardening clubs/children's clubs/music/theatre workshops and in this instance comedy. I was drawn to this particular event (comedy club - they mostly happen on the 1st Friday of the month) because it was being headlined by Joel Dommet (see below), who is a comedian I have always really liked, and my goodness it was such a good evening, sounds awful, but so much better than I had expected! A snip at 8 quid and 5 comedians all doing their best to make us laugh and cringe in equal measures and the drama studio was set up with tables and chairs and just the right lighting to mimic a proper comedy club (knowing the space well, I had been a little put off by this as a venue), but-word of advice, be early so that you don't end up sitting at the front - they pick on you and you end up staring long and hard into your G&T in a bid to avoid eye contact!!! 

The Easter weekend saw us doing the Thedden thing, both working and playing hard as well as finding and eating an extraordinary amount of chocolate....! Someone was beside himself with excitement - strangely more interested in the collecting than the eating! Thank you Ned and the gang for such a fabulous morning of hunting! XX

A quick hello to one of the residents!


Luckily for us too, there is always an awesome Easter feast at Oma's spring flowers, chocolate bunnies, seasonal nosh and a pair of bunny ears to boot!

The bonfire kept us cosy at night

The stick collecting kept us busy in the days

Time out for movies

a cheeky bit of naughtiness in the playhouse between two troublesome beings - don't panic the gin disappeared long, long, before the bottle made it down for tea parties!

The "youth" got stuck into some hard graft...

And some didn't.....!

And then there were the rockets.....

Back to the tractor!

Chilled evenings filled with lovely conversation, the odd glass of wine, birthday celebrations and communal food - including amazing sushi, parcels of wild garlic and the most amazing bread and butter pudding I have EVER tasted!

I painted the kitchen! I have been looking at this wretched space for literally 14 years thinking it needed a bit of effort and I did in 48 hours with the luxury of no husband or small child - bliss!!



The Easter holidays have to include a trip to Ikea with my bestie! Noah seemed to enjoy the experience too - and answer me this, how is it I never spend less than £100 on things I never knew I needed?????!

Errrr, excuse me Mummy, but, I'm on the phone.....

And, OMG, Ice creams come out of machines!

A trip to Glasto to spend time with Grandma Nessa and Grandpa Renchi as well as Auntie Sarah, Harry and egg - the ducks did well out of us!

Stanley turned 3! It's great to have such a cool bestie who loves running around the forest as much as a certain somebody!

"Cool uncle Guy" my lovely bruv came home from Italy to play for a week and surprised Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I with a rather interesting trip to London - where it seems, the blossom trees are two-tone! Clue Quest! Have you tried it? No? Well get yourself up to the Calendonian road!


Back to Marwell, I quote, "it's nice here isn't it Mummy?"!

Bye, bye, to (Cool) Uncle Guy....

Sunny enough for ice cream! Long may it continue - but now it's back to work!

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